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The StoneMark Company has over 45 years of experience in residential and commercial roofing. We are a family owned and operated, and locally based right here in Nashville. 

In addition to being licensed, bonded and insured, we are a Certified Contractor with the manufacturer, GAF, and we are also OSHA certified with an A+ rating with the BBB. The StoneMark Company’s expertise is in asphalt shingle replacement, the installation of various types of metal roofs and low pitch roofs using TPO coverings. The key to our success is our crews have been trained in the latest safety procedures and product improvements as well as being trained in providing excellent customer service. Most residential roof replacements can be accomplished in one day and when we leave you won’t even know we have been there. Other than your sparkling new roof, of course!

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Looking for reliable roofing services in Nashville? Our experts provide top-quality roofing solutions for residential and commercial properties. 

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Don’t just take our word for it – see the difference for yourself! Check out our past projects and see why we’re the trusted choice for all your roofing needs. 

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Experts in Nashville Roofing

Nashville Roofing Experts Guarantee superior Quality and Satisfaction

When it comes to roof replacements in Nashville, our team of experts stands as an unwavering pillar, delivering exceptional craftsmanship and resilient solutions. We understand that your home deserves nothing short of perfection, which is why our seasoned professionals possess profound knowledge in the latest roofing techniques and cutting-edge materials. Whether it be traditional shingles or modern, eco-friendly alternatives, we boast a diverse range of premium roofing materials, tailored to suit your aesthetic preferences and functional requirements. Through a meticulous assessment process, we ensure the recommendation of the most suitable roofing solution for your home. From the time you pick up the phone to call us, to the time of your project’s completion, we handle every step of the roof replacement process with unwavering precision and efficiency. You can guarantee an unparalleled experience, and a roof that not only protects, but elevates your home.

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$2,000,000 Liability Insurance

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Dependable Roof Repair Nashville TN

Fear not the compromised safety and comfort of your home due to a damaged roof. Our unparalleled roof repair services in Nashville, TN are strategically designed to promptly address any issues, providing reliable solutions and giving you peace of mind. Whether it’s a minor leak or damage inflicted by harsh weather conditions, our seasoned technicians boast the expertise required to diagnose problems, and implement efficient repairs. Armed with advanced tools, materials, and the latest industry techniques, we expertly mend leaks, repair damaged shingles, address flashing complications, and much more. Our prompt response and superior attention to detail guarantee the restoration of your roof to its optimal condition, safeguarding your cherished home and loved ones from the wrath of the elements.

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Active Roof Care for Enhanced Durability and Peace of Mind

At The Stonemark Company, we understand the vital importance of routine roof maintenance for extending your roofing system’s lifespan and reducing the likelihood of expensive repairs. Our team carries out comprehensive inspections, cleans gutters, removes debris, closely checks flashing, and executes any required repairs. By actively addressing your roof’s maintenance requirements, we detect potential problems early on, saving you precious time and money in the long run. Our dedication to your satisfaction, as well as the durability and security of your roof, guarantees that your home stays protected and maintains its everlasting charm year after year.


We sit back and listen so that we understand your roofing needs.


We make sure to thoroughly evaluate your roof's condition.


We strategize and craft a personalized action plan for your roof.


It's go time! Our roofing team expertly executes your project.


We make sure we have met (and hopefully exceeded) your expectations.

What our customers have to say
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Networx Pro Verified Review

 I hired The StoneMark Company to construct a three-car garage with an In-law Apartment on my parent's property. I was very happy with the not only the quality of construction, but also the level of professionalism. During a time of stress for me and my family, The StoneMark Company came through. I could not be more pleased with the product that Robert Yeatman provided. He never veered from the initial budget, and he delivered what I expected. I, as well as my family, are very pleased with the help and care that The StoneMark Company showed to us.


Networx Pro Verified Review

The StoneMark Company did an excellent job during a recent extensive kitchen remodeling job. We are extremely satisfied and we receive many compliments from our neighbors and friends. Robert was very helpful in the design and selection process. The workers were polite, punctual and excellent craftsmen. We were under a tight schedule to complete the work before a family reunion and they performed extremely well. I would highly recommend them for any job, large or small.


Networx Pro Verified Review

Completed yesterday, in one day, seems to be a fabulous job! Price seemed reasonable and fair! Mr. ROBERT was kind, considerate, knowledgeable, easy to work with, went above and beyond, what was expected! His crew seemed very hard-working and friendly! Fabulous job, thanks for recommending him!


Networx Pro Verified Review

Robert came out and inspected our roof and was very professional. He was very thorough and let us know that it was still solid and we should have a few more years. He gave me a rough estimate of the cost we could expect when the time came to replace it. Because of his candor and honesty, I will use the Stonemark Company to replace the roof when the time comes.

John M.

Networx Pro Verified Review

For the most part everything is great, the price quoted for labor, etc. honestly is a bit much for me but I'm very glad I had it done! I know this new roof will definitely pay itself off over time.
Honestly too, I am rating their punctuality off by one, simply because of the original date we had planned. I know / understand things happen that are beyond our control, HOWEVER they did keep me updated on what was happening so that's a major plus on their part.
Overall, YES, I'm extremely happy of the job they did & if I ever know of anyone looking for a roofing company, I'd be more than happy to recommend The StoneMark Company.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Stonemark Company stands out as the preferred option for residential roofing in Nashville, TN for several reasons. Firstly, they offer an extensive range of roof replacement services catering to different types of roofing systems, showcasing their expertise and experience in handling diverse roofs. Moreover, their team of skilled and experienced roofers ensures the delivery of high-quality workmanship, guaranteeing effective installations. One of the standout features of The Stonemark Company is their commitment to fair and affordable pricing, devoid of any upselling or unnecessary negotiations. Additionally, they utilize top-quality materials sourced from leading manufacturers, which enables them to provide long-term warranties, adding further value to their services.

Keep an eye out for water stains or discoloration on ceilings or walls, missing or damaged shingles, curling or buckling shingles, granule loss, visible cracks or deterioration in the roof materials, sagging roof sections, excessive debris in gutters, and any evidence of leaks or moisture in the attic. Should you notice any of these signs, taking prompt action becomes essential. Contacting a professional roofing contractor for a thorough inspection and necessary repairs is highly recommended to maintain the integrity of your roof.

Making the choice between repairing and replacing your roof is influenced by various considerations. Should your roof have a lifespan of fewer than 15 years and the harm is confined to a small section, a repair might prove adequate. Nevertheless, in the case of an older roof or if over 30% of it demands attention, opting for a complete replacement may prove to be more financially prudent in the long term. It would be wise to seek guidance from a trustworthy local contractor who possesses the expertise to evaluate the state of your roof and offer tailored counsel based on your unique circumstances.

There are various proactive measures you can take to prevent roof leaks. Regular maintenance tasks such as debris clearance, gutter cleaning, and trimming overhanging tree branches help maintain clear drainage systems and minimize potential damage. Adequate insulation and ventilation in the attic are also crucial to regulate temperature and moisture levels, reducing the risk of roof problems. To stay ahead of any issues, it is advisable to schedule routine professional roof inspections, enabling prompt identification and resolution of potential problems before they escalate.

When it comes to repairing roof leaks, there are several key factors to consider. One of the primary focuses is tackling issues related to flashing and the valleys of the roof. These specific areas are particularly susceptible to water infiltration, which can lead to leaks. To address this problem, professional roofers specializing in Nashville's climate and roofing systems employ a comprehensive repair process. This typically involves replacing worn-out or improperly installed flashing and implementing additional protective measures in the valleys. By utilizing their expertise, these roofers effectively diagnose and resolve roof leaks, mitigating the risk of further damage.

Roof leaks can arise from a variety of factors, introducing a perplexing array of potential culprits. These may include issues with the flashing, which is designed to seal the gaps between the roof and other structures. Furthermore, problems with the valleys of the roof, lifted shingles, nail pops, and subpar chimney flashing or siding and trim installation can all play a part. The interplay of these issues allows water to infiltrate the roof system, eventually resulting in leaks that surprise homeowners.

Begin by considering companies that possess the necessary licensing and insurance, providing a solid foundation of reliability and accountability. Evaluating their reputation through customer reviews and seeking out positive feedback contributes to a diverse range of perspectives. Additionally, prioritize companies with experience in handling your specific type of roofing system, embracing specialized knowledge. Requesting proof of certifications and warranties enhances the level of trust. Obtain written estimates from multiple companies, allowing for a comprehensive comparison of both cost and scope of work. Finally, prioritize companies that exhibit clear communication, professionalism, and a commitment to excellent customer service, ensuring a satisfactory experience throughout the repair process.

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